Guide for Ghost Writer


How do we work together?

1 We Assign You a Task

We will call you, text you, and email you, so keep an eye on your phone, our genius.

2 You and us do the preliminary research together

You are never alone in doing your job.

3 You do the great writing

You are usually given 2 to 5 days to do a job and we will supply great support during the writing. Details are in the support section of this guide.

4 Send us the work and we pay you right away after the review*

If you are worried about not being paid, we can choose other payment options. Like you send us part of the work and we pay you partial amount. Once reviewed, we pay you the outstanding balance. How does that sound? Or we can pay you using your creative method to protect you.

5 We do the necessary revision if the customer requests

You know, sometimes the customer will think the job is too perfect and we need to degrade it. Or the professor is picky, and we are gonna live with that...

6 The happy mission accomplished !

How do we support you?

1. Research support

* Academic Database Access. We know that you may have your own access to the academic databases, but sometimes it is not enough. So why don't tell us when you are having a hard time in finding the materials and let us help you.
* Notes for the course, the profiling of the professor and the client. We actually suscribe many note solution services, so we are buying notes for you if needed.

2. Technical support

We use many tools to help you improve efficiency.

*Teambox is a great tool for us to collaborate over the internet.
*Skype is also a necessity for us to communicate online.
* Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Google Drive and Skydrive are the clouds we use to share and transmit helpful notes and materials.

If you don't know how to use them, it is the great opportunity to learn now.

3. Writing support

You are a great writer, there is no doubt about it. However, there may be a moment you are encountering the writer's block. Or sometimes, the professor is not that helpful in assigning the work so the questions don't make any sense to you! (trust me, that happens a lot~) So, let's find the clue together and in the end, you are still the one who gets paid!

4. Other support

We treat you as our partners and friends. So if there is anything else you think we can help you, just let us know. Let's help each other.

How do we pay you?

We want to make things easier for you. So we will try our best to pay you the way you prefer. The following is a list of payment methods we use.

1 Email Transfer (Canadian banks)

Most Canadian banks support Interac e-Transfer. If you don't know what it is please refer to the links provided bellow. It is pretty easy. First you register for the Interac e-Transfer in your online bank account (it is free for you). Second, we send you a link through email. Third, you click the link and the money will be transfered to your account.


2 Paypal


3 Other third-party online payment platforms

What do we value?

1 Responsibility

We and the customers trust you. So we expect you to do the work as if you are doing your own work.

2 Timeliness

We all love to procrastinate, but now we are doing business so we have to be a serious about our work, right? Usually you have 2 to 4 days to do one job and it is better for us to start writing earlier so you can have more time to enjoy your life.

3 Quality

Quality is the key of the business, and quality is your reputation. We know you are a great writer, so let's work together to ensure our quality and reputation.

4 Future

We know being a Ghost Writer is cool, but we believe your future is much better. You are probably a genius in one field and it will be our honor to have you as our business partners in starting new businesses in the future. So let's be friends and keep in touch.