Film and Social Change

Film and Social Change
Colorado State University (CSU) | 科罗拉多州立大学
Film and Social Change

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课程(项目)简介:Film and Social Change

The cinema has the power to depict moments of great social change and also, on rare occasions, to bring about social change. This course will introduce students to different ways films have depicted significant moments of social change. We will view and study feature films, documentaries and animated films from the countries that make up the Spring 2017 voyage. In particular, many of the films center around an expanded view of the rights of underrepresented groups (especially women and children). Some will depict important historical figures who have helped bring about social change in their own countries, and thus have inspired the world. Students will be asked to consider relationships between artistic expression and societal impact in the art and industry of the cinema.

学校简介:Colorado State University (CSU) | 科罗拉多州立大学

科罗拉多州立大学(Colorado State University,简称CSU)是一所四年制公立大学,成立于1870年,位于科罗拉多州柯林斯堡,地处洛杉矶山麓,风景怡人,学校距离科罗拉多州第一大城市丹佛65里。大学前身是一所农科学院,所以直到现在农科仍然很好,其农业科学学院在美国处于前沿地位,最著名的是兽医学,是全州的佼佼者。